eye of the beholder

preview of an editorial in collaboration with
Penny Arcade (vintage store on 1177 Dundas St West) and stylist Chris Koyionis
Model, Ievgeniia with Spot Six

mystery hour

Sneak Peak of a working series, entitled "Dropping"
an ethnographic study of habitual drug use amongst youth culture

hawk eyes

sitting back

farming leafy greens



Sky high

high as the sky

canadian tragedies

spot south america

hot mommas

get off my lawn


foot fetish

four twenty stylin'

so far bonged

Tonight, The opening of Indian Summer

Indian Summer is ,
"An international photography exhibition exploring the
concept of utilizing personal growth as a means to find happiness."

Several of my photographs are up at
Fluxx Gallery's show in Des Moines, Iowa.
Curated by Lindley Warren.

dark metal

freaky repro

the blue ribbons

stoned hugs

24 Hours

New series,
24 Hours

on my website

A study of late night culture,
What happens after last call,
Refrigerated mornings,
The after hours society.

Roney and Nani

at the S u p e r m a r k e t
as seen on my portfolio,
my friends, the talented hip hop duo
Roney and Nani
featuring the funk beat slayer, Vlsonn

Sensory Overload
The Ex

Conspicuous Consumption

obese foods, stuffed mascots,
conspicuous consumption, skeezy gambling,
deficient rides, coucou carnies,
irrational spending, and deep fried coke
let's go to the ex!

Canadian hero

a canadian hero.

r.i.p jack layton

hidden sobriety

television catastrophes

money hungry

some kind of sex

night turns

summoned ones (32)

chasing blinks

screen writers

mystic glow

life goes on

diving deep

hiding in the glaze


fire in the hole