my bum is on your lips

roney & nani

photograph from the Roney &Nani's
"Dirty Sick" video release party
January at the Drake Hotel

video :

see my photographs of Roney & Nani
on my website


by the cliffs

Thunder Bay

three stories high

delta chelsea (3)

saturated skyviews

bushin it

world affairs


i am the whiz


new portraits with Tamara

New publications

Timeshow Magazine.
Issue 3

Features 45 pages of my work
Two new series, Gone Fishin' & Dark Ages
Order your print copies now!
Available online as well.

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No Trials,
Blood of the Young Zine

features new work by Katja Kremenic, Nathan Cyprys, Alexander Alexeenko,
Alex Sinclair, Ryan Nangreaves, Reilly Hodgson, Cicero deGuzman Jr,
Dan Zev, Chunks, Matt Mortlock, Jesse North, Franklin Obregon,
Johannes Gierlinger, Levi Mandel, Jeremy Tubbs, Alex Wein,
Dimitri Karakostas, Sonia Bartlett and Laura-Lynn Petrick, and many more!
More info here, purchase a copy at their shop



pinkroom line ups

great daze

disco queen

little royalty

smoked out

femme endormie

sunset illusion


view my new portraits of Cassie Steele

happy go lucky

multi beamed

light clubbing

pass it on

a quaint pair

huff and puff


blue eyed beauty


fired up

i for an i

fox'y merch

the international look

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Cour a Augmenté

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Cour a Augmenté

styling by Chris Koyionis
clothes thanks to Penny Arcade (1177 dundas st. w)
featuring Ievgeniia - Spot Six