You are all invited to join me in my first solo exhibition in Toronto!
Laura Lynn Petrick x Only One Gallery are thrilled to invite you to the
Opening Reception, March 8th, from 7 pm to 12pm
Address is 88 Harbord St, above Splendido
Find the event on facebook here

Day Trippin' intertwines the hazy, free living, irresponsible lifestyles of modern youth, with the wild, substance-induced, audial happenings of todays generation. The exhibition is Petrick's personal vision of the utopian qualities of everyday life, from morning to late, through travels and 'trips.

Exploring a new territory of the gallery, stepping away from Petrick's familiar platform of the internet, Day Trippin' is an exhibition which celebrates the medium of analogue photography through large scale, psychedelic photographs.

Day Trippin' revisits the nostalgic visions of the sixties counterculture, from dazed youth, hallucinogenic sights, stoned youth, penny living, open minds, and heightened perspectives.

There will be mystical and electric music, drinks, and many photographs

Come by and experience the trip